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This was taken on a case in Indianapolis, at a location with a reputation for extreme activity. It was recorded on a regular magnetic cassette tape. We played it back immediately after the recording session, and no alteration was necessary to understand what the voice said.

The security video at this location was set to record if motion was detected, and no matter how high they set the threshold they would have several videos captured throughout the night. It was also tested with insects and other objects which were clearly visible and not transparent as this figure was. Another strange aspect of this video is the way the object moves, then hovers for several seconds.

It has been dismissed by many as an insect or spider on the lens of the camera, but given the circumstances, the location, and close inspection of the camera, I am not ready to agree with that explanation.

Over 100,000 aerial photographs are in the Indiana State Archives, including some of the earliest ever taken in Indiana. Other significant photograph collections include the Indiana State Fair, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Corrections, and the Indianapolis Board of Public Safety. For more information on the many collections and the location and hours click here.

These are aerial photographs of the property where the business is currently located. The first was taken in 1959, the second in 1962. The state archives will mail you copies of the photographs for a small fee, and they can help in your research. You can clearly see a farmstead located on the land which is now commercial property.