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Indiana exorcist fights the devil
By Russ McQuaid
6:45 p.m. EDT, October 30, 2012
Indianapolis–Vince Lampert grew up in the Haughville community on Indianapolis' west side. He said he saw a lot of things in his neighborhood as a boy, but nothing like he saw on a trip to Rome for study at the Vatican in 2006.

Southern IN Rural Southern Indiana Haunting This case began with a premonition and the mysterious death of the couple's adult son. As a grieving family we believe that their sorrow was exploited by evil entities, and they unwittingly invited it into their home. Their satellite box began working as an electronic Ouija board and they believed that they were communicating with their son. Click here for more information.
Cottage Irvington and H.H. Holmes Born Herman Webster Mudgett in 1861, and described as an unruly school boy who enjoyed being cruel to and even killing animals for fun, Holmes was also amazingly smart. The first documented serial killer, H.H. Holmes, holds a dubious and gruesome record that few serial killers in history have broken. Click here for more information.
moon Adjusting Your Eyes To The Dark Techniques I learned through college astronomy courses will also work for ghost hunting in the dark. Your night vision will dramatically improve after about 10 minutes of being in the dark. You will be at your best night vision in about a half hour. Click here for more information.
Exorcism and Protecting Yourself and Your Family. Beliefs of the Catholic Church on the Devil and Demonic Possesion, and book recommendations on the topic of exorcism and the Catholic view of the After Life. Click here for more information.
ScareFest Paranormal and Horror Convention is the biggest and best Paranormal Convention in the Southeast, and the Midwest. In it's first year, the Scarefest promises to be even bigger and better next year. September 11-13, 2009. Click here for more about our experience at ScareFest.
Ghost Stories 2: Conversations with the Dead a new documentary by Dan Hall, that will be in theaters Halloween 2008. It features Michael Jones, the real-life "sixth sense" boy, and a 3000-year-old mummy at the Wayne County Museum.
Haunted Travels offers tales of the haunted locations we have visited across the country. This includes our recent road trip in July 2008 from San Francisco to Indianapolis via the Historic Route 66. We also took two detours, one to Goldfield, NV, and the other to Tombstone, AZ and they were completely worth it.
Ghost Stories Ghost Stories: Walking with the Dead is a documentary about paranormal events that have occurred throughout Indianapolis and beyond. With exclusive access to these locations you get a glimpse of Indiana history rarely seen today.
central state

There was an encore showing of Central State Asylum for the Insane October 2007 at the IMAX. Click here to find out more about the documentary on the paranormal activity at the former Central State Hospital.

intake Click here to read an Indy Faces feature in INtake Weekly, published October 27, 2005.
Now you have help researching the history of your house.
If it is 50, 75, or 100 years old, or even if it was built in the last decade, you may still have activity, why? Was there an old cabin on your property or nearby? It may have been an old homestead, or Native American village. With these contacts, you can do the research yourself.
Click here to find out more about the real Emily Rose. She was born in 1952 and lived in Klingenberg, Germany, where many of the events take place. Her troubles began in 1970, and she actually endured almost one year of bi-weekly exorcisms before her death at the age of 23. There were 40 audio tapes documenting the exorcism, and the case did go to trial. Two exorcists and her parents were accused of negligent homicide. They were found guilty, but received a light sentence.
Click here to read a recent Indiana Daily Student article on hauntings around Bloomington.
Click Here to hear the EVP heard on Magick Mind Radio interview June 2, 2005.
indianapolis monthly Click Here to download Indianapolis Monthly magazine feature from October 2004.