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Private residence, Rural Southern Indiana
This case began with a premonition and the mysterious death of the couple's adult son. As a grieving family,
their sorrow was exploited by evil entities that they unwittingly invited into their home. Their satellite box began working as an electronic Ouija board and they believed that they were communicating with their son.

They initially contacted our associate Tracy Bacon of Indiana Preternatural Investigations, requesting help to explain, document, and remove these entities.

Objects started to go missing, and would turn up later, or were found on the roof. One investigator had an audio recorder disappear from the kitchen table, and it reappeared the next day on the stairs to the second floor.

Objects, such as lightbulbs, will appear in midair minutes before they smash against the wall. Large furniture is flipped over with people sitting on it. A bathroom sink was pulled from the wall.

One of our investigators was laying down in the bedroom, fell asleep and awoke with a sense of sleep paralysis. He was awake but couldn't move or make a sound, until another investigator walked into the room, saw him with his eyes open and asked if he was ok, and he was then "released."

The couple experiences ear-piercing screams all night long that will not allow them to sleep. And most disturbing of all the voice that will hold a conversation with them for hours heard coming from midair, and will also travel with them to the store, disturbing other unknowing passersby and embarrassing the clients.

This entity is much too powerful for what people would consider a "typical" human spirit haunting. The family is tormented for several weeks every 3-4 months with no end in sight.

Indiana exorcist fights the devil
By Russ McQuaid
6:45 p.m. EDT, October 30, 2012

Vince Lampert grew up in the Haughville community on Indianapolis' west side. He said he saw a lot of things in his neighborhood as a boy, but nothing like he saw on a trip to Rome for study at the Vatican in 2006.

“Probably the most bizarre thing I witnessed in an exorcism was in Rome when I saw somebody actually levitate who possessed during the prayers of exorcism,” said the catholic priest. “The priest was not amused by anything going on and he just pushed the person back down and he continued to pray. My jaw might’ve hit the floor at that time, like, 'What in the world is going on here?’ Read more