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One family's gift or curse?


The phone calls to her daughter were interrupted with what began as a high-pitched noise similar to a teapot, then unintelligible static and clicking, then what sounds like a muffled voice that you can almost understand. Whether it's by cell phone or landline, somehow the family is always connected, when it seems they need it the most.

Kerry* was on the phone with Shelly* and tried to call her mother with the three-way calling feature when her cell phone rang. Her mother and her sister were on the cell phone call which also appeared to be linked to her land line. Mom was also on her cell phone and land line. Shelly was using her cell phone and during the conversation she received a voice mail message. When she played the message it says what sounds like "Shelly, this is your Dad. Please believe in Jesus... holy spirit." This is only one instance of the "game" their father likes to play, from the other side.

One day Teresa's* phone began to ring and when she answered it she heard "Hello?" She recognized her mother's voice and asked why she had called, but her mother said that she picked up the phone after it rang and heard Teresa on the other end. So neither one had dialed the other's phone number, yet from 30 miles apart they were connected by the phone.

They can commonly talk on the cell phone when it appears to be drained of battery life, or the phone mysteriously charges on its own without being plugged in to the outlet.

Jan* was on the phone having a conversation with a friend when she hears her mom say "hello." Her friend was disconnected, and her mom didn't dial the phone.


Shortly after the passing of her husband, Jan was having a difficult time adjusting to her new circumstances. Her daughters were very worried about their mother and knew that she needed help. Kerry had her digital camera and was snapping pictures of the family, she took a picture of her mother standing by the stove and noticed something strange in the picture that wasn't physically there in the room. She took another picture, and it wasn't there. The first photo showed a stack of quarters at least 20 high next to her mother's hand on the stove, and that was just the beginning.

There is a significance to the quarters. When the newly designed state quarters were released, Jan's husband and son began a collection. At the time of his passing he only needed two more quarters to finish his collection. Those happened to be the first two quarters Jan received, which were found on her husbands bed a few days after his passing.

Quarters began appearing all over the house in unlikely places. They would appear under a coffee cup on the kitchen table, in a pack of cigarettes, on pictures frames, on her husband's bowling bag, lined up in a row by the front door, in between the sheets of a made-up bed, and that's not all. They began appearing in midair with an audience. A small flash of light was followed by the familiar chink of a small metal object hitting the floor.

One day Jan was driving in her car with her daughter. When Shelly got out of the passenger seat Jan noticed several quarters on the chair. Now this may have been change from her daughter's pocket, but as she drove home every time she looked over at the seat, the quarters had multiplied. This phenomena has also happened at the kitchen table. Shelly came over one day with a stack of quarters she had been receiving at her own home. She set them on the table, and the next time she counted them there were more, until the quarters totaled 17.

On another occasion, Shelly was driving home and the quarters had been appearing for sometime, then she said aloud, "to hell with the quarters, give me a dollar." She reached up to the dome light to turn it on, and when she brought her hand back down there was a rolled up dollar bill in it.

Not only do they receive quarters at home, but in public places as well. Jan still visits the grave of her husband a few times a week and during one of these visits she arrived to find 11 quarters lined up on the grave marker. She and her daughters have found quarters on the pump at a gas station, and heard them hit the floor near their feet at the grocery store.

The witnesses and recipients of these quarters are not limited to the immediate family. Shelly's boyfriend was over one evening and felt something in the chest pocket of his shirt. He reached in the pocket and pulled out a quarter. When these quarters materialize, they are ice cold which makes them very obvious because a regular quarter in any pocket would be warmed by the body heat of the individual.

Now, Jan's sister had not yet received a quarter from her brother-in-law, and she began to feel left out. She walked from the kitchen into the darkened living room and said, "Come on, hit me with your best shot!" She turned back toward the kitchen and stopped in the middle of the room clutching her chest. Everyone was alarmed, but after she got over her initial shock, she shook out her shirt and jacket and a quarter hit the floor. She explained that she felt a quarter pressed to her chest in between her layers of clothing.

Shelly has a three-year-old, who was playing in his room. He came out with a handful of coins including quarters, silver half dollars, and rare collector's coins, which were not available to him in his house. Note: His grandfather also happened to collect rare coins.
On another occasion, Shelly's son was napping on the couch, when his mom came into the room to check on him she found a quarter sitting right in the middle of his forehead.

Teresa's daughter got herself ready for bed, and came out in her pajamas, but she told her mom that they hurt. When Teresa took the pajamas off a quarter fell out.

One night the family, which included Jan, her four children, her sister and some friends, decided to conduct an experiment. They gathered everyone in the same room and asked for quarters to appear. After waiting together they searched the house and found quarters lined up on counters, and the floor, 29 in all.

After a few days, Jan was began thinking about the fact that she had not received a quarter in a while and she was on the phone trying to settle some of her husbands accounts when she heard and felt a quarter hit the phone that she was holding to her ear.

Quarters have also appeared on the table in front of Jan's brother who did not believe the phenomena. They were found on the night stand, in the soap dish, and in a coffee cup, which was in use at the time.

All of these quarters have added up over the last couple of years and now total over 200, which Jan keeps in locked in her curio cabinet with other memories of her husband.


The phenomena that this family experiences is not limited to quarters. Kerry's dad was an animal lover and he had a couple of cats, which he loved dearly. Only a couple of weeks before his passing, one of the cats died and appears to be in a digital image that was taken by Kerry in the home. Kerry was sitting on her father's bed talking with some family members and felt something move beneath her. When she got up she saw the remaining cat moving between the sheets, in a bed that had been made for days.

Jan has lived in her home for 34 years. The whole family appears to have substantial psychic abilities.

To be continued…