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Our first priority is to provide comfort and assistance to the home or business owner. Whether we complete a full investigation, or simply correspondance by phone or email, we want to help you understand what may be occuring in your home. Don't be afraid to contact us if you just need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through. Privacy is very important to us, no personal details will be revealed without your permission.

If we determine that an investigation is necessary, we will bring a team of 2 to 5 people which may also include a sensitive investigator, to try to document evidence of the haunting. Whether we are able to document activity or not, we will bring your case to a mutual resolution. That may mean a follow up investigation or consultations, or helping you find a member of the clergy to bless your home or business.

All pictures, video, audio, and data retrieved during interviews, preliminary investigations, and investigations are property of IPI. As our property, we reserve the right to post our findings on our website and/or in various publications. No personal information of our clients or their exact locations will be released.

All of our investigation services are offered for free. All requests will be answered in a timely manner. Please fill out our Investigation Request Form as completely as possible. If you are uncomfortable having a team out for an investigation we can offer you another opportunity to get clarification and help. Click here for an email consultation with Shaman Ravenwolfe Teu.

After you fill out the form, it may help to start a journal of your experiences. Write down, as nearly as you can remember, the events that have occured already, where they took place, who was there, the dates, and the time of day. Then when you have another experience, add it to the journal. This can help you remember exactly what happens, and you may begin to see a pattern. This can also help us focus the investigation to yeild the best possible results.

These cases are an example of some of the investigations we have completed. Several of them have included extensive historical research on the land and the families involved.

The images presented on these pages have been captured during investigations and on ghost hunts. They may or may not be paranormal in nature, but you can decide for yourself. Click here for our theory on orb photos.

Stepp Cemetery, Morgan-Monroe State Forest

Private residence, Irvington

Heady Cemetery, Fishers Bronnenberg House, Mounds State Park, Anderson
Eller Cemetery, Fishers Former Church and Annex in Southern Indiana
Hancock County Cemetery Malloy's Irish Pub, Terre Haute
Central State Hospital, Indianapolis Private Business, Indianapolis
Private residence, Fishers Private residence, Terre Haute
Private residence, Westfield Private residence, Tennyson, IN Current/Ongoing
Private residence, Cincinnatti, OH Private residences, Michigan City, IN Current/Ongoing
Private residence, Lawrenceburg Private residence, Columbus, IN Current/Ongoing
Slippery Noodle, Indianapolis Private residence, Hope, IN Current/Ongoing
Warehouse, Kokomo Private residence, Anderson, IN Current/Ongoing
Private residence, New Castle  

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
More information on Space Weather and how it may effect the results of an investigation.