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Bicknell, Student rental housing
Legend: Students found objects in basement.
Phenomena: Heard screams.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Bloomington, (Buskirk Mansion) Porticos Restaurant 520 N. Walnut (private offices)
Legend: Former structure on property burnt down killing family with two children.
Phenomena: Moving objects, hearing ball bouncing, seeing children playing, phantom fires. (Detailed account)
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Evansville, Willard Library
Phenomena: Lady in Grey
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana (photo)

French Lick Springs Hotel, French Lick
Haunted Indiana 2

Gaston, century old farmhouse
Legend: Owner's Grandmother died in house.
Phenomena: Shadows, Granny influences choices of new owners.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana (photo)

Indianapolis, Central State Hospital

History: In 1848, the Indiana Hospital for the Insane opened it's doors. In the late 1970s, many of the buildings were declared unsound and demolished. In 1994, the state of Indiana closed the hospital in favor of more advanced treatment methods.
Legend: It is said that some patients suffered inhuman cruelty and years of abuse while housed in this institution. Some patients who were diagnosed as "criminally insane" were kept in a state of near-perpetual restraint. Workers in the 1950s were renovating tunnels under the facility and discovered dark rooms in the recesses of the tunnels that still bore chains and manacles on their walls. One of the patients hung himself on the grounds.
Phenomena: Security guards still claim to hear the screams and moans of former patients on the grounds, and to see the blurry form of patients run by the guard shack. A woman screaming and moaning is heard in the old powerhouse by the boiler, and shadows are seen moving around the room. In the pump room a man was awakened by the sensation of being strangled, and he had the marks on his neck to prove it.
Books: Haunted Indiana 3
Websites: Indiana Commission on Public Records
Indiana Medical History Museum
Central State Reuse Commission
Historic Asylums

Indianapolis, Hanna House on Madison Ave.
Legend: Underground railroad stop. Fire in basement killed slaves, who were then buried in basement. Child was stillborn in second floor bedroom.
Phenomena: Noises from basement, choking sensation. Strange smells from second floor bedroom.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana
Websites: http://www.prairieghosts.com/hannah.html


Indianapolis, Skiles Mansion in the Geist Reservoir area "House of Blue Lights" (torn down in 1970s)
Legends: Wife was embalmed and displayed in a glass coffin in the living room, decorated with blue lights (her favorite). Skiles Test thought blue lights attracted spirits of the dead. There was a two-mile tunnel found beneath the basement filled with rations. He had a pet cemetery.

"The mansion was on a sprawling, hilly parcel of land, that in fall was draped in browns, golds and oranges, perfect for Halloween. The building itself was old and several stories tall. It had a strange pool with an elevator that led to the diving board." William Hill

Phenomena: Blue lights are still seen in the area.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana (photo)

Indianapolis, Slippery Noodle 372 S. Meridian St.
History and Investigation

Legend: a narrow passageway through the basement served as a link to freedom for people fleeing slavery via Underground Railroad.
Books: Haunted Hoosier Trails

Website: http://www.slipperynoodle.com/index2.cfm

Jennings County Historical Society Museum
Legend: Matthew Philips drowned on property. Former stage coach stop (1838).
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana, Hoosier Folk Legends

La Porte, Andrew Mansion on corner of I and 10th Street (destroyed on 1970s) There is a Medical center on the current site.
Legend: Potawatomi Indians inhabited the site before being forced to move.
Phenomena: A woman was seen in the attic, footsteps heard.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Muncie, 2-story home on W. 6th Street
Legend: Old woman in bedroom, she and handicapped son died in house.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Munster, Stallbohm-Kaske House Historical Museum
Legend: The original inn was burnt down on October 31, 1909. In 1949, Wilhelmina Kaske passed away in the front bedroom. In 1986, the house was sold to the town of Munster.
Phenomena: A figure was seen leaning out of the barn window. A presence was sensed in the bedroom. A worker was covered in paint when trying to paint over the wallpaper in the hallway. Cold spots have been felt and footsteps and loud crashes have been heard in the home.
Books: Haunted Indiana 3 (photo)

New Albany, Culbertson Mansion, State Historic Site
Legend: Children locked in the closet to discipline. Aunt and second wife
died in the mansion.
Phenomena: Mysteriously travelling helium-filled balloons.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana, Hoosier Hauntings, Haunted Indiana
Websites: http://www.in.gov/ism/StateHistoricSites/CulbertsonMansion/index.aspx

Odon, Hackler family house (house torn down by owners)
Legend: Many items in house seemed to spontaneously combust. Reported in April, 14, 1941 issue of Colliers.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Plymouth, Hayloft Restaurant on Old U.S. 30 (Closed due to fire in 2001, but scheduled to reopen soon.)
Farmer with unfinished business named "Homer," seen with no legs in the Silo Room and kitchen, misplaced objects.
Ghost Stories of Indiana

Terre Haute, Dewees Mansion 13 Poplar Street (destroyed by fire)
Legend: Wife's body buried in fireplace.
Phenomena: Spirit seen originating from fireplace.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana

Terre Haute, Malloy's Pub and Pool N. 7th and Lafayette Street
Phenomena: At least three spirits experienced by the owners and patrons. A male spirit of a former lineman on the railroad. The spirit of a child, Sarah, likes to interfer with the pool players.

Vevay (Switzerland County), Schenck Mansion The Mansion is now a Bed and Breakfast owned by Jerry and Lisa Fisher.
Phenomena: Victorian Lady in white.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana
Website: http://www.schenckmansion.com

Western Greene County, Log cabin/cemetery
Legend: In the 19th century, children who died from disease buried there.
Phenomena: Sound of crying and musical instruments.
Books: Ghost Stories of Indiana