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Other Paranormal Groups
You'll need to contact these groups to find out more about them. Some will confirm the existence of a ghost, while others may be able assist you and the spirits involved. This is just a listing of groups and not a recommendation. Indiana Paranormal is not responsible for the content of the sites, nor their working order or recent updating.

SJGRSouth Jersey Ghost Research is a professional research group with years of experience helping people who are frightened of or just curious about possible ghost activity in their home or business. The Shadowlands Ghosts page is a compilation of real stories by real people hosted by Dave Juliano and Tina Carlson of SJGR.

Missouri Paranormal Research Society is an investigative group based in St. Louis, MO. It is an all volunteer organization and they do not charge for their services. Email Sherry to find out more about what is haunted in Missouri.


The Paranormal World gives everyone the opportunity to experience the paranormal and participate in scientific research, which is vital in proving or disproving the existence of ghosts, with the opportunity to have your experience recorded in a book for others to read. THE PARANORMAL WORLD participates in private investigations and offers fully supervised public investigations, as well as corporate events.

Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group

American Paranormal Investigations in Sacramento, CA




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