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Goldfield, NV

The almost ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada was born when gold was discovered in 1902 and within just a few short years, it became the largest city in Nevada. In addition to its numerous saloons, the city once boasted three newspapers, five banks, a mining stock exchange, and a population of nearly 35,000. By 1920, the gold was almost gone and the town was reduced to just about 1,500 people. Three years later, a devastating fire wiped out 27 blocks of homes and businesses. Today, this once thriving city supports a population of around 350.

The Goldfield Hotel

The site of the documentary Ghost Adventures, and reportedly an extremely haunted location. It was built in 1908 on the former site of the Nevada Hotel which burned down in 1905. We made a few connections in town and hope to go back again soon to check it out.

A house stuck in the past, across the street from the Santa Fe Saloon.

The Santa Fe Saloon is the longest continuously running saloon in the state of Nevada. It was built just far enough from the main part of town to avoid damage from the fires. This is a must see location when visiting Goldfield. They have a few rooms available for rent, and as far as I know, it is the only place to stay in town. The next closest city is Tonopah. Stop in for a few drinks, and ask about a tour of the old Goldfield High School.

The Northern Saloon and Cafe has an excellent restaurant recently added to the back of the building. It is nicely decorated, and was a very pleasant surprise after a long day of driving.

Goldfield High School

Part of the Goldfield Historic District, listed in the National Register in 1982. The school was built in 1907 in response to the burgeoning population that resulted from the gold and silver boom that began in 1902. Since the boom in Goldfield declined by 1910, and few modifications were needed, the large stone and brick school retains a high degree of integrity, although its condition has deteriorated severely.