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Bronnenberg House, Anderson

Union Township A little more than half-way down the page is a description and background on the house, Mounds State Park and pioneer cemeteries in Union township.

Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana by James Tharpe, Plainfield, Indiana. A history of the mounds and their archaeological relevance.

Archaeological Resources Management Service (ARMS) Report of Investigations series at Ball State. The Archaeology of Anderson Mounds, Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana.  By Donald R. Cochran and Beth K. McCord, 2001, 81 pp. You can download a PDF of the report which includes detailed maps of the area, former farm (pg.28) and amusement park.



Investigation results: For our investigation we took pictures in and around the house and the mounds. We also set up a video camera in the attic where frequent activity is reported, but we did not capture any anomalies.



Impressions from Bronnenberg House by sensitive investigator:
I picked up on a lady, in a bonnet, with two young girls, that hang around the garden area (both present and past). The lady is upset because the present garden is overgrown with weeds and needs to be tended to. I feel she and the girls occupy the bench in front of the garden. I picked up on a girl around the cedar tree in front of the house, that was hurt at one time (very strong emotions overcame me in that area from her). I also picked up an older black man (torn shirt, bib overalls or trousers with suspenders, and barefoot) in the front room where the display case was. I felt he was a transient at one time, farm worker but unsure if he belonged there. Another person from our group said he was a runaway slave from the underground railroad in the area, which would make him transient. I also picked up on an older gentleman (black suit with vest, gold pocket watch chain, balding, with facial hair (mousache/beard), patriarch of the house, that is concerned with the final use of the house, he was concerned that it might be torn down. These entities are still with the house. Some spirits are attached to the "attic" because of the energy associated with the crystals in the box by the window in the room. I feel there was another structure on the property where the house now stands, possible small cabin.

I noticed a couple of people being affected by the drain on them by the spirit activity.



This is the attic room, where they seem to get a lot of activity.


This is the root cellar.