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Paranormal Library of Books

These are just a few of the books that line the shelves of our libraries. They have provided entertaining reading, good references, and assistance in accomplishing our goals. Please look through all of the books we suggest because one of them may help answer your questions.

I have divided the books into four categories:
Haunted Places in Indiana
Ghost Hunters Bookstore
Psychic Development and Protection
Ghosts and Demonology

Psychic Development and Protection

PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE by Dion Fortune (2001) After finding herself the subject of a powerful psychic attack, Dion Fortune wrote this detailed instruction manual for safeguarding yourself against paranormal malevolence.
POSITIVE ENERGY FOR HAUNTED HOMES by Dave Juliano hopes to assist people who are having problems living in haunted homes because of the negative nature of the spirits involved. This book contains easy to use techniques that can be used by any belief system or religion. It also tries to alleviate any misunderstanding concerning these techniques.
MESSAGES FROM THOMAS: Raising Psychic Children by James F. Twyman The author shares his insights on how to raise a child that exhibits psychic abilities. A wealth of information and real-life experiences within the pages of this book. It flows back and forth from articles by experts, to letters from parents, to information from Thomas.
PSYCHIC CHILDREN: A Sign of Our Expanding Awareness by Peggy Day Many people say that children are special. That statement has never been more true than in the age in which we live. Psychic ability is presenting itself in children more than ever. According to American mystic Edgar Cayce, groups of amazing and unusual individuals would begin to incarnate on earth late in the twentieth century and beyond.
PSYCHIC KIDS by Lynne Gallagher Every one of us, at sometime or other, has witnessed unexplainable occurrences with children. Whether it's a baby laughing and smiling at the ceiling, or children waking at night and refusing to go back to bed because of a monster or person being there. We have witnessed these things and probably tried to explain them away logically, or just pushed them aside as nonsense. This book attempts to explain these occurrences using very tangible realistic examples and explanations we can all relate to.
CHILDREN and PSYCHIC ABILITIES: How to Respond as a Concerned Parent by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly This paper, written by Metaphysicist Dr. Theresa M. Kelly, answers the many difficult to ask questions regarding child and teen psychics. She explains in detail how to address youth psychic abilities and how to respond towards the gifted child as a concerned parent. She mentions the social-psychological impacts on children and how to avoid social, educational and psychological conflicts.