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Paranormal Library of Books

These are just a few of the books that line the shelves of our libraries. They have provided entertaining reading, good references, and assistance in accomplishing our goals. Please look through all of the books we suggest because one of them may help answer your questions.

I have divided the books into four categories:
Haunted Places in Indiana
Ghost Hunters Bookstore
Psychic Development and Protection
Ghosts and Demonology

Ghost Hunter's Bookstore

GHOST TECH by Vince Wilson (2005) For the first time, the scientific equipment and methods that are used to search for ghosts and hauntings are outlined in detail in a single volume, providing ghost researchers with all of the information they need to legitimately search for evidence of the paranormal.
SPIRIT ORB PHENOMENA by Kevin Sercombe (2002) Includes an in depth look at the orb phenomena, including over 90 interesting color photographs.
HOW TO BE A GHOST HUNTER by Richard Southall (2003) Find out whether you're dealing with a ghost, spirit, or an entity ... and discover the one time when you should stop what you're doing and call in an exorcist. Learn the four-phase procedure for conducting an effective investigation, how to capture paranormal phenomena on film, record disembodied sounds and voices on tape, assemble an affordable ghost-hunting kit, and form your own paranormal group.

The book covers the basics of investigating a haunted home and hopes to instill a positive work ethic when dealing with the residents. Geared towards the investigator just starting to investigate private homes but there is something in it for researchers at any level.

THE GHOST HUNTER'S BIBLE by Trent Brandon (2002) It presents facts and methods, covering in detail, what a ghost hunter should have and exactly what they must do on every investigation. This book will teach you the correct methods of conducting a paranormal investigation, from using the proper specialized equipment to finding the ghosts. It will prepare you for everything that you might encounter on a ghost hunt.
THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NIGHT AND LOW-LIGHT PHOTOTGRAPHY by Lee Frost (2000) The guide begins with a clear explanation of technical aspects that must be considered, such as the best equipment to use for low-light indoor or nighttime outdoor shots, which color and black-and-white films to choose, how to ensure correct exposure in tricky situations, and details relating to both natural and artificial light.
THE ART OF INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY by Joseph Paduano (1998) Paduano walks you through all the steps of infrared photography in a clearly written and illustrated text which makes every aspect of the process easy to follow.