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These are just a few of the books that line the shelves of our libraries. They have provided entertaining reading, good references, and assistance in accomplishing our goals. Please look through all of the books we suggest because one of them may help answer your questions.

I have divided the books into four categories:
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Psychic Development and Protection

Ghosts and Demonology

Ghosts and Demonology

HOLY GHOSTS: Or, How a (Not So) Good Catholic Boy Became a Believer in Things That Go Bump in the Night by Gary Jansen (2011) The extraordinary true story of a Long Island household haunting that forced a respected writer to confront the truth about life, death, his childhood home, and his town's past.
WHEN GHOSTS SPEAK: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits by Mary Ann Winkowski (2009) In this remarkable book, Mary Ann tells her incredible story. She talks about the difference between earthbound spirits and those who have crossed over; she tells you why spirits remain on the earthly plane and how long they have before their "White Light' disappears; she shares her most intriguing and infamous tales about the spirits she has encountered. And she divulges how to determine whether your house or your family is haunted--and what to do if there is a ghost around you.

GHOSTS AND POLTERGEISTS by Fr. Herbert Henry Charles Thurston, S.J. (1856-1939) was an English Jesuit priest, who wrote many books such as No Popery!: Anti-Papal Prejudice, The Church And Spiritualism, The Physical Phenomena of Mysticism, Bloody Mary - A Short Biography, The Origin and History Of Valentine's Day, The Stations of the Cross: an account of their history and devotional purpose, etc. This 1953 book is a posthumous collection of his writings about Spiritualism.

This work provides a very satisfactory analysis from a Catholic perspective of many cases of ghosts/poltergeist phenomena. For those who are interested in reading books containing stories of cases involving possession this work is an excellent read.

OCCULT PHENOMENA IN THE LIGHT OF THEOLOGY by Alois Wiesinger, O.C.S.O. (1957) Abott Wiesinger, a Cistercian theologian who conducted extensive research into the paranormal, demonstrates that while many so-called psychic happenings can be dismissed, others can be explained by "vestigial" powers of the human soul left over from its pre-fallen state:

"Theology teaches us that in Paradise man possessed powers which were afterwards lost to him. The question is, which powers were lost completely, which were merely weakened, and whether certain of these powers, which may have remained latent, might... be capable of revival."

EXORCISM AND THE CHURCH MILITANT by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer (2010) The phenomenon of demonic possession is one of the most frightening realities of the fallen human condition and one of the most misunderstood. For those who seek insight into this aspect of the Christian Faith, Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer has compiled a compendium of the basic teachings about exorcism, which will give the reader an insider s perspective on the Church s warfare against the enemy of our souls.
THE DEMONOLOGIST: THE EXTRAORDINARY CAREER OF ED AND LORRAINE WARREN by Gerald Brittle (2002) This book is a must read for anyone interested in paranormal research of spirit entities or for those interested in becoming Clergy, entering the deliverance field or even thinking of playing around with the occult. While the Warrens are catholic and speak in terms related to those of the catholic denomination, the information in this book applies to all denominations. They provide a clear explanation of the various spirit types breaking down ghost and demons as seperate entities. Each has it's own catagory of phenomena and most often demonic spirits are brought in by invitation.
BEWARE THE NIGHT by Ralph Sarchie (2001)  Sgt. Ralph Sarchie and his daring partner in preternatural combat, Joe Forrester, swing some pretty heavy-duty spiritual bats against the "Principalities and Powers" of darkness and despair. In the courageous manner of other spiritual warriors like Fr. Martin, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and Bishop McKenna, they offer themselves in fierce struggles to free others from the bondage to the demonic. For this is not a game, but a deadly-serious, winner-take-all contest for the bodies, minds, and souls of the devil's unfortunate prey. /td>
SHADOWS OF THE DARK by John Zaffis (2004) Its a well written and inteligent look at some extremely remarkable cases of demonic attack. In a society that increasingly wants to pretend that any thing spiritual must be benign we need more books like this that remind people that evil is just as real.
HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL by Malachi Martin (1992) Father Martin has spoken on radio about the "middle plateau" which is the space in which demons can move in spirit form and enter the unwary individual who experiments with astral projection, remote viewing and other such pursuits. This book relates the experiences of 5 people who have opened themselves up to this place, allowed their minds to empty, and in that vacuum, the evil spirit can enter.
AN EXORCIST TELLS HIS STORY by Gabriel Amorth (1999) Fr. Amorth provides numerous first-hand encounters with demonic possession. These provide examples that can help one understand the symptoms of posession in order to differentiate it from things that might simply be mental illness. And, as the foreword indicates, Fr. Amorth gives an intelligent account. This is not the account of some faith healer who sees demons under every doily. He's careful to point out that most people need psychologists, not exorcists, and that, even after an exorcism, many people still need a psychologist to deal with the trauma of their lives.
THE EXORCISM OF ANNELIESE MICHEL by Felicitas D. Goodman (1981) This is a remarkable book about a clash of world views. In 1978 a young German woman named Anneliese Michel died. The German courts found her parents and the priests who attended her guilty of negligent homicide. The courts concluded that Anneliese dies because she had been subjected to extensive and severe Exorcism rites, rather than continuing the medications she had been given for epileptic seizures.
PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck (1998) Dr. Peck dives into the study of evil in human beings. Dr. Peck claims that evil does exist, but it's neither incurable nor unavoidable! And the only way to combat evil is to admit to its existence and to recognize its danger. How can you fight something that you don't even believe is true, he says.