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These are just a few of the books that line the shelves of our libraries. They have provided entertaining reading, good references, and assistance in accomplishing our goals. Please look through all of the books we suggest because one of them may help answer your questions.

I have divided the books into four categories:
Haunted Places in Indiana
Ghost Hunters Bookstore
Psychic Development and Protection
Ghosts and Demonology

Haunted Places in Indiana

HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS by Wanda Lou Willis (2003) A Guide to Indiana’s Famous Folklore & Spooky Sites -- In this field guide to the haunts of the state, the author travels across the region (county by county) spinning tales of ghosts and hauntings and providing a travel guide with maps and detailed directions to the various spirit-infested sites.
MORE HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS by Wanda Lou Willis (2004)  More Folklore from Indiana’s Spookiest Places --- The author of “Haunted Hoosier Trails” returns with another in-depth travel guide to haunted places both unknown and familiar. In this second outing, she includes the tales of legends of the spirited spots and also passes along travel information on how to reach the locations.
HAUNTED INDIANA by Mark Marimen (1997) This is an impossible to put down guide to the haunted places and legendary ghosts of Indiana. The author acts as both narrator and researcher in this excellent book which covers the most well-known places around Indiana.
HAUNTED INDIANA 2 by Mark Marimen (1999) The author of "Haunted Indiana" returns with a second volume of classic tales and eerie haunts from the Hoosier State!
HAUNTED INDIANA 3 by Mark Marimen (2001) The author returns with another chilling look at Indiana’s legends, lore and genuine haunted sites. In this new outing, the author reveals the ghosts of the Central State Hospital as well as new locations not covered in his previous books.
HAUNTED INDIANA 4 by Mark Marimen (2005) The newest addition to Marimen's collection, which includes an audio CD.
HOOSIER HAUNTINGS by K.T. MacRorie (1997) A delightfully spooky work highlighting haunted sights and other paranormal phenomena throughout Indiana.
GHOST STORIES OF INDIANA by Edrick Thay (2002) A chilling collection of tales from the Hoosier State that includes not only the most famous tales of Indiana, but many little-known ones as well.
HAUNTED HEARTLAND by Beth Scott and Michael Norman (1985) This classic book about haunted places in the Midwest is a must-have collectible for all ghost hunters in the central states. Although the authors professed to be collecting folklore, and the stories are not always the most accurate available, it remains a true ghostly classic and is the first book to ever reveal the many haunted places in the Heartland of America.
LIGHTS OUT by Vickie Lee Johnson (2002) A small collection of little known ghost stories and hauntings from rural Indiana (and somewhat beyond).
ODDBALL INDIANA by Jerome Pohlen (2002) A Guide to Some Really Strange Places – An entertaining look at the strange and unusual sites of Indiana, from haunted places to weird landmarks, unusual historic sites and more.
HAUNTED HENRY COUNTY by Charlene Z. Perry (2004) Hoosier Hauntings, Mysteries, Legends and Personal Accounts of the Paranormal – The Indiana author presents some little known and previously undiscovered stories and tales from the state’s Henry, Delaware, Madison, Randolph, Rush, Hancock, Fayette, Grant, Boone and Wayne Counties.
HOOSIER FOLK LEGENDS by Ronald Baker (1984) A collection of over 300 legends gathered from throughout the state of Indiana. It is arranged in four general categories: supernatural and religious legends; personal legends about heros, eccentrics, and outlaws; place legends; and modern legends.
HAUNTED BACKROADS: CENTRAL INDIANA by Nicole R. Kobrowski Shudder when the dead children of the pond refuse to leave without their friends on a dark night. Spend the night in a haunted train car in Indianapolis' Union Station! Experience a visit from a murdered doctor who still makes house calls! These ghost stories are a few of Indiana's darkest and most spectacular ghosts. You will read about these spirits and many others in this exciting book. Many of these places are open to the public and can be visited regularly!
GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE. . . AND ELSEWHERE. . . by Southern Indiana Writers History and haunting seems to go hand-in-hand and Corydon,as the first state capital of Indiana, has a heaping helping of both. Ghosts: On the Square . . . and Elsewhere . . . . is a collection of ghostly tales inspired by locations around the historic town square and other locations throughout Harrison County.