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PosterIndiana Paranormal Investigations along with Dan T. Hall, the director and producer of the documentary, were granted exclusive, one-time access to the complete facility including the 5 miles of underground tunnels for the purpose of conducting a paranormal investigation and filming the documentary.

And did we end up with some exciting results!

WarningContent may be disturbing to some viewers.

Response to Indiana Skeptic: Central State Movie will Promote Paranormal Nonsense


News Release:
Film at IMAX reveals paranormal activity at abandoned Indiana Insane Asylum Download the Word document.

See video clips on YouTube from vidmedia

City selling more Central State land
IBJ 05.01.07

A development team that bought 115 acres at the former site of Central State Hospital may soon buy another 33 acres from the city, at a cost of $223,500. Sound cheap? Mike Higbee, president of Development Concepts Inc. and one of the buyers, said the price reflects a need to clear the land and address environmental issues before development.

City gives OK to $2.1 million sale of Central State site
IBJ 12.07.06
Indianapolis' metropolitan development commission on Wednesday approved the sale of the 160-acre former Westside home of Central State Hospital. The buyer, a private joint venture called High Mark Development, will start negotiating with the city to find new uses for the site, which held a hospital for the mentally ill for nearly 150 years.

Nuvo DVD Review: Two stories in one
by Paul F. P. Pogue, December 20, 2006
The first is an examination of Central State’s history, supported by interviews with former patients and staff and a remarkable collection of archival footage, most of it never before seen. The second follows Hall, Marilene Isaacs and the Indiana Paranormal Investigators as they explore the site’s ancient tunnels and abandoned rooms in search of evidence of hauntings, ghosts and psychic imprints.

IndyStar.com Movies: 'Central State' generates buzz
Friday, October 27, 2006
Dan T. Hall's documentary, "Central State: Asylum for the Insane," attracted a sell-out crowd Saturday night at the IMAX Theater, even as Heartland Film Festival movies were playing all over town.

There are approximately 10 buildings on the grounds associated with the hospital. Unfortunately, most of the historic buildings that housed patients, since it opened in 1848, are now gone. There are currently 3 more modern wards that were built in 1974 when the others were demolished. The oldest building on the property is the old power house, built in 1886. The Administration building, which was built in 1938, is now most commonly associated with the hospital, although it never housed patients. Many people have "unofficially" gained access to this building, but there is really much more to the hospital including the 5 miles of underground tunnels which have been inaccessible to visitors until now.

We have also seen other groups make claims that you will be arrested on the spot if you visit the grounds, which is not true during the day. A museum is run in the Old Pathology building, built in 1895, and the grounds are open for sporting events. Anyone is welcome to stop by and take pictures. There are police frequently patroling the grounds and if they ask you to leave, please do so.

As always, breaking and entering is against the law. Do not attempt to enter any of the buildings. Most of them are in poor condtition and can be very dangerous in the dark.

History and Legends of Central State
History: In 1848, the Indiana Hospital for the Insane opened it's doors. In the late 1970s, many of the buildings were declared unsound and demolished. In 1994, the state of Indiana closed the hospital in favor of more advanced treatment methods.
Legend: It is said that some patients suffered inhuman cruelty and years of abuse while housed in this institution. Some patients who were diagnosed as "criminally insane" were kept in a state of near-perpetual restraint. Workers in the 1950s were renovating tunnels under the facility and discovered dark rooms in the recesses of the tunnels that still bore chains and manacles on their walls. One of the patients hung himself on the grounds.
Phenomena: Security guards still claim to hear the screams and moans of former patients on the grounds, and to see the blurry form of patients run by the guard shack. A woman screaming and moaning is heard in the old powerhouse by the boiler, and shadows are seen moving around the room. In the pump room a man was awakened by the sensation of being strangled, and he had the marks on his neck to prove it.
Books: Haunted Indiana 3
Websites: Indiana Commission on Public Records
Indiana Medical History Museum
Central State Reuse Commission
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Indiana Historical Society (photo of Seven Steeples)

Map of the buildings on the grounds in 2007. The light red buildings are some of the old victorian buildings that were torn down in the early 1970s, but this map gives you an idea of where they were located. The dates indicated are the dates the existing buildings were constructed. Click on the map to see a larger version.